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The founder of the trio ' Loyko ', Sergey Erdenko - is the descendant of the famous Gipsy family which history totals more than three hundred years. The destiny of the Erdenko family has been anyhow connected with an artistic path, and Sergey is not an exception: he has received not only the academic musical education (in the class of a violin), but also became an actor, having finished the Theatrical Academy (GITIS).

With his classmate Alexey Paperniy, he has formed a duet performing Gipsy-Jewish music which both musicians liked very much. Sergey's concert activity has begun with this duet both as a guitarist, and as a violinist-improviser. ═ň has also worked at the Theatre ' Romen ', then at Mark Rozovskiy's theatre where in performance ' Gambrinus ' by A.Kuprin, Sergey has played a role of a musician Sashka. For Sergey Erdenko it was the first experience of the composition of music. "When I got used to the image, I understood that words can not say what I can express with the violin, - says Sergey. - On the stage I had to pronounce the same text over and over, but with music, I could always improvise.

And after a while I felt, that frameworks of the theater are not enough for me. Then the desire to create a group which could continue the idea of the theatrical music was born." Soon the dream was realized. Having done a bit of traveling worldwide with "Gambrinus" and becoming a known actor, in the end of the 1990s, Sergey has come to London. There he has decided to devote himself to career completely.

In the first structure of " LOYKO " entered Oleg Ponomaryov ( Sergey's cousin, and the son of a famous Gipsy singer Valentina Ponomaryova) and Igor Staroseltsev which further was replaced by Vadim Kulitsky, having begun the career from a small bar "ASHBIS". With one step after another, in a short time the ensemble has won great recognition.

"After a while I have felt, that the group became a second " Gambrinus " - Sergey recalls. - People haven't even touched their plates, forgot that they came to eat, to talk, music tightened them in a certain action, in their aura. We did not exist as a background for visitors, and they came for our performance and became our audience. This is what is called a musical theater ".

Soon from a "club" ensemble " LOYKO " has turned into a demanded tour collective and the basic seat of its disposition became Ireland. The group has suited the taste of the local musical brotherhood, and has let out some disks.

"In Ireland there is a very strong musical culture, and for them we were very unusual. Because of us, local musicians have become interested in Gipsy music, and we have adopted some Celtic motives. Each concert ended with a jam-session - often people accompanied even from the hall. And the famous violinist ╠oyra Brinnah has written a composition which she has called " LOYKO " and repeatedly performed with us in concerts ".

But "' LOYKO s" success did not stop only in Ireland. The Gipsy trio was recognized all over Europe and America. The ensemble "LOYKO" became not only an authoritative collective executing tradition, but also by the opinion of the European critics, has entered in to the world violin elite. The group repeatedly performed on the largest festivals, received invitations to participation in concert programs and records from Ravi Shankara, Iugudi ╠ňnuhin, Gidon Kremer, Roni Wood, Andre Heller, Stephan Grappelli, cooperated with jazz and fate musicians, played on the best concert platforms. " I am a happy person - I saw, communicated and stepped onstage with many great musicians ", - says Sergey.

However in ten years, living abroad, Sergey has decided to return home. In 2000 there was a new experimental structure of " LOYKO " in which Sergey has invited guitarist Alexey Bezlepkin? violinist Georgiy Osmolovsk and the voice of his niece Leonsia Erdenko. During this period were released some albums in Russia and Germany.

In 2003, Sergey has received the invitation from Hungary, to participate in the project "USTI OPRE", among the seven best European Gipsy musicians he performed on joint concerts , which were recorded on CD and DVD.

And after a while " LOYKO " returned to the structure of a trio: now, besides Sergey Erdenko, in it performs the guitarist Michael Savichev and the violinist Vladimir Bessonov. "What we have started to do now, is a new coil of a spiral. A trio is an absolute self-value, completeness of a form. A trio or a trinity has a huge might.

Michael - is a guitarist with experience, he studied in the Novosibirsk conservatory, took a great interest in jazz, but then became crazy about flamenco and Gipsy music, has left for Spain and played with local Gipsies. Vladimir is a graduate of the Petersburg conservatory. He worked in symphony orchestras. Later he has moved to Europe, combining the academic concerts with improvisation of Gipsy music ", - Sergey Erdenko tells. The violin and the guitar -are traditional Gipsian instruments. " I tried to play a duet with an accordion, with a violoncello, with cymbals... But such duologue as with two violinists, has never turned out with no other instrument. Competition - two instruments, two violinists, who will beat whom.

And once again, it is a theater. We are sometimes reproached in excessive hobby for virtuosity - but why not? If you can play fast compositions from which the spirit grasps -it's great! " LOYKO " is a mixture of many national traditions; classics, jazz and rock, and everyone will find in it something that he likes. Here one can find a bright genre stages, and showers touching up to depth lyrical subject matters, and a set of the plays-portraits devoted to the famous creative persons ("╩usturica", "Maestro Menuhin", "Charli Chaplin", "Actor Polunin"... It and innovative performing receptions and high quality techniques of game, it intellectuality, drive and refinement.

" LOYKO 's" dream is to make Gipsy music of Russia the universal art, uniting different genres and cultures, to achieve that it sounded from the best world stages. Sergey Erdenko - the organizer of the international festivals, producer of the collections, opening to the listener unknown names. The next step to LOYKO "'s" dream is now happening - one of these days will be let out the fourteenth CD titled " the Cold Wind " and film " The Gipsy Maestro ", and ahead there is a tour across Russia, Europe, India and America. The musicians of " LOYKO " invite to their concerts- everyone who is not indifferent to such music!

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